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Why You Should Consider Using Mouthwash in a Water Flosser

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Many people are making the switch from normal dental floss to a water flosser. Did you know, many are using mouthwash in a water flosser to get cleaner, healthier tooth and gums? There is a lot of information that lets you know more about the mouthwash and all that comes with it when you use it to floss your teeth with the waterpik machine. Learn more about this and then speak with a recommended dentist in Gastonia to learn more.

Using Mouthwash in a Water Flosser

You can use mouthwash in the water flosser to get a cleaner feel when flossing your teeth. However, you should never add just straight mouthwash to the reservoir. You should always add one part water to one part mouthwash before using.

Floss your teeth with the pick as you normally would and then empty out the reservoir and rinse it. You want to have warm water running smoothly through the reservoir, as well as the pick. Leaving the mouthwash in the unit is never recommended.

If you’re unsure of whether or not this is a good thing to do, you can always speak with the professional dentists near you. They can provide further information on mouthwash and water pick usage. This way, you can have the cleanest mouth out there.

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