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What to Know About Flying Immediately After Dental Work?

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Dental work can leave anyone feeling a bit tired and needing to rest. Those that have upcoming dental procedures that have to jump right on a plane after dental work might have some more questions to ask. Our professionals at Gaston Dental Associates make sure that everyone knows the risks and other information needed following their dental procedure. However, to clear up whether or not flying is something that should be done, here is more information on it.

Flying After Dental Work

Plane Flying at Sunset

Flying after having dental work done depends on the procedure that is being done and the state that the person is in. It is highly recommended that having any sort of surgical procedure, such as an extraction, the person should have at least 24 hours of rest after.

Additionally, 48 hours are required after having dental implants put in the mouth. This is because they have to heal and be able to stay in the mouth. When the altitude is changing, this does not help the healing process and might make it worse.

Routine dental work such as cleanings or fillings are something that the person does not have to worry about if they need to catch a plane.

Make sure that you leave yourself the allotted amount of time after a dental procedure before jumping on a plane. It is best to be safe in any sort of situation.

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