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Veneers vs Crowns

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In this age of social media and selfies, it is extremely vital to have your teeth in great shape, as chipped or damaged teeth can be a source of embarrassment, especially in social gatherings and get-togethers, where people are quick to judge without a second thought. A good set of teeth adds to the physical appeal and looks of any person and modern advancements in the field of dentistry has allowed for different methods to have that perfect set of teeth even if they have defects, which may be natural or caused due to some incident or event. The most popular methods used by dentists to ensure that their get rid of broken or damaged teeth is by making use of veneers or crowns. While both do sound similar and are used to get a similar end goal, which is, to have a beautiful set of teeth, veneers and crowns are fundamentally different with different properties and characteristics.

The most significant difference between veneers and crowns is the surface area of the tooth they cover. While crowns cover and encase the entire tooth, veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth. The front surface of the tooth refers to the part of the tooth which is visible to the other person and which shows up when one smiles or shows their teeth.

The fact that crowns cover the entire tooth also means that crowns are significantly thicker than veneers, with crown thickness being double that of veneer thickness in various cases. The reason for the greater thickness of the crown is due to the fact that a crown is generally applied as a replacement for the top or the outer surface of the tooth. This allows crowns to be of different colour and even of a different shape than the original shape and colour of the tooth. On the other hand, a veneer is generally a form of coating over the existing teeth, which means it acts more as a supplement rather than a replacement for the natural outer surface of the tooth. This also means that less teeth trimming is needed for veneers, while crowns require more trimming, which can even involve the removal of the outer surface of the teeth.

Crowns are more suitable for teeth that have become weak and are unable to sustain themselves and are causing significant discomfort and pain to the patient, while veneers have more of a cosmetic role to perfect the appearance of an already existing teeth which may be alright, but have certain defects in its formation or shape. In terms of size, veneers are usually thinner than 1mm, while crowns can be as thick as 2mm. In terms of durability, crowns are more durable and stronger when compared to veneers, which are brittle and may break easily on force.

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