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Types of Toothpaste

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The open market means that there are tons and tons of different brands with different packaging and documentation for the same basic product. While it presents the customer with more options and makes them choose the one according to their budget, it also makes them confused on deciding on the right product. The same thing happens for toothpastes too, with the proliferation of different brands and variants and sub-brands making it difficult for the layman to decide the best type of toothpaste according to their dental need. To help you clear your doubts and questions and make it easier for you to zero in on the right choice, we discuss about the different types of toothpaste available in the market today.


Toothpastes are substances which are used for cleaning the teeth and maintaining good dental and oral hygiene. They help to remove the food particles from your mouth as well as kill off bacteria and other germs present. They also contain detergent to create the foaming effect as well as contain minerals which help to make the teeth stronger. In addition, they can also contain flavoring to make the brushing experience even better. Some specialized forms of toothpaste available in the market include –


Smokers Toothpaste


As the name implies, this kind of toothpaste is designed for smokers. These toothpastes act on the tar that gets deposited on the surface of the teeth and make use of stronger abrasives to remove such stains. But overuse of such abrasive toothpastes in an improper manner can lead to enamel damage over a period of time.


Hypersensitivity Toothpaste


These toothpastes are designed for those who are susceptible to hypersensitivity. They provide pain relief to those suffering from decreased gum lines as well as those who have their root exposed. These toothpastes vary in the degree of their effectiveness.


Whitening Toothpaste


These toothpastes are used by those who need their teeth to be whitened. They have a majorly cosmetic use. These toothpastes are extremely popular and they use a variety of chemicals and minerals to remove stains as well as make the teeth even whiter for happier and confident smiles.


Natural toothpaste


Designed for those who are concerned about the presence of chemicals in commercially available toothpastes, natural toothpastes make use of herbal or plant based extracts for their ingredients. Although they claim to be highly efficient against germs and dental ailments, their claims have not yet been verified by any competent authority.


Flavored Toothpaste


Designed for young ones who are generally fussy to brush their teeth due to the bad taste of toothpaste. They are generally fruity flavored and also have minerals embedded in them to provide protection to the children’s teeth while being fun and enjoyable for the kids.


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