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The Point of Getting Baby Dental Crowns

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You lose your baby teeth when you are still quite young. Given that you won’t keep them for too long, why would you bother getting baby dental crowns? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just wait for the tooth to fall out and let a new one grow in? Here at Gaston Dental Associates, we care about your dental health. And we want you to understand why it is that we make the suggestions we do. With this in mind, here is why you would want to get baby dental crowns put on your child’s teeth.

The Baby Teeth Affect the Adult Teeth

The Point of Getting Baby Dental CrownsThe baby teeth guide the spacing and placement of the adult teeth. Thus, if a baby tooth falls out prematurely—such as because of decay or damage—it can create problems when the adult tooth tries to come in. So, getting baby dental crowns can help ensure that the adult teeth—when they eventually do show up—are spaced correctly in the mouth.

Other Considerations Before Getting Baby Dental Crowns

Other reasons to have baby dental crowns put on involve the development of a child. As you know, we use the teeth to form sounds when we speak. A child who is learning to speak will be at a severe disadvantage if he or she is missing a tooth, especially if it is an incisor. What’s more, when the adult tooth does come in, the child will have adapted to having no tooth there and could have a speech condition that lasts for years.

In addition, the primary function of the teeth is to chew food. A child who is missing a tooth may not be chewing his or her food adequately, which can in itself lead to other problems.

Here at Gaston Dental Associates, we care about the health and development of your child. If you have any questions about getting baby dental crowns, call us today!



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