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The Holidays are for Smiling and Eating, So Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the beginning of the season of holiday feasts. With all of the meats, side dishes and deserts lined up to devour, it is especially important to consider your dental hygiene during this season. Many people prolonged dentist appointments during the majority of the year. The complication arises when there is a lingering or developing concern that is not attended to and it develops into a painful dilemma. If this is you, identifying and correcting these issues is best when done before the holidays begin, not afterwards.

Thanksgiving is traditionally the time when most people enjoy the foods they love the most. Cakes, cookies and pies contain high amounts of sugar, which eat away at he enamel of your teeth and may lead to the formation of cavities, or worst, the widening of existing ones. A general dentist can identify any forming cavities and repair them while they are minor and pain free. Once food becomes trapped in the crevices of your teeth, it is simply difficult to remove all of the particles using only regular brushing and flossing. A dentist can scrape and clean the areas in your mouth where tiny particles of food becomes trapped and begin to decay. Scheduling a teeth cleaning appointment with your local dentist office will help to remove unseen food and identifying forming cavities early before they turn into bigger problems like infections or abscesses.

Additionally, decaying teeth and painful gums should be treated before thanksgiving to prevent more serious problems during or after the holidays. Existing problems will only get worst as and acidity of some foods can cause irritation ad inflammation. Nothing is worst than looking forward to a home cooked feast of turkey and dressing with all of the fixings and experiencing nerve pain that stops you from enjoying the festivities. An emergency tooth pulling or root canal can place a serious damper on your holiday plans, so preventive maintenance can save you the discomfort of an painful dentist visit at the most unfortunate time.

No only is your dental health important during thanksgiving, but so is the cleanliness and overall appearance of your smile. Whether visiting old friends or meeting new acquaintances, we all want our smile to appear bright, white and gleaming. Although there are bleaching kits available on the market, your local dentist office can provide a whitening treatment when you attend your teeth cleaning appointment. This way, you can get your teeth cleaned, cavities filled and teeth whitened in 1 or 2 visits without waiting two to three weeks to see the results. Call your general dentist and schedule an appointment to take care of your dental hygiene needs and kick your holiday off to a bright start.



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