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Taking the Scary Out of the Dentist Office for Children

By : on : August 11, 2015 comments : (0)

Going to the dentist office can be one of the scariest things for children. Even adults get scared to go and they are grown! However, dental hygiene is a crucial key to good health, not just having a healthy mouth. A few tips to take the fear out of going to the dentist office will be to find a local dentist office, locate a children’s dentist, visit the office ahead of time and one that has excellent reviews for dental hygiene bedside manners.

First of all, make the drive as short as possible. The child will be riding in the car anticipating the upcoming experience. The key here is to find a local dentist office. The longer the car ride, the more time the child has to develop anxiety about the visit. Another key about this is to never lie to the child about where they are going. This builds mistrust and animosity towards the dentist.

Children’s Dentist
Children’s dentist cater to children, not adults. They take extra care in attending to the younger kids to make sure they do not have fear and anxiety. The offices are usually brighter colors, may have TV’s and toys for the kids and are on standy-by to have patience with the kids and parents.

Tour the Place
People typically do not invest in large expenses sight-unseen so why would anyone take a child to a dentist unseen, unless emergency of course. This may not be a large purchase, but it will be a large investment of time. This dentist will be carrying for the child for a number of years. Call and ask to tour the place before the appointment is made. The child will know what he or she can expect. Keep in mind, if the child attends a dentist for the first time while in pain, they are already in pain and scared. While attending a pre-visit, the staff will usually discuss the rooms, procedures and tools so it won’t be a surprise to the child. Try assimilating the noises heard with something familiar. For instance, ask the child what machine, animal or bug may make a similar sound they are hearing.

Bedside Manners
When it comes to dental hygienist, they spend more time typically with the child than the actual dentist. It is important to make sure they are friendly and attentive to children’s needs. If they do not have good bedside manners, then chances are the child will have a poor experience. Meet the hygienist and dentist to make sure they are kid friendly and allow parents back there, if that parents want to escort their child.

There is absolutely no reason children have to be scared about going to the dentist. Taking a few steps in advance will ensure they develop lifelong GOOD habits of oral hygiene. Call today to our local Gastonia dentist office that specializes in dental care for children and schedule a tour. Remember to keep the drive short, make sure they are kid friendly and have great beside manners.



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