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Specialized Care for Children at Our Pediatric Dentistry Practice

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A children’s dentist can offer specialized care for infants, toddlers and adolescents. There are good reasons to take your child to a pediatric facility instead of a general dentist. Dental facilities that cater to children have specialty equipment such as smaller tools and chairs that make undergoing examinations and treatments more comfortable.

Protect Teeth with Dental Sealants

A local dentist office may have a children’s dentist on its staff to provide treatments that help to prevent tooth decay. A type of treatment that some experts recommend for children’s teeth is an application of protective sealants. These sealant materials are applied to the pits and fissures of back teeth where food particles tend to collect.

Hygienists Provide Education to Parents and Children

Dental sealants make the surfaces of teeth smoother and easier to brush to avoid decay that leads to cavities. The plastic materials of a child’s dental sealants will wear away eventually but are designed to keep teeth healthier for a few years. Despite having dental sealants on teeth, daily dental hygiene is vitally important. While at a local dentist office, a hygienist can teach you and your child how to brush and floss properly.

Dental Hygiene Tips for Children

One: Caring for an Infant’s Gums and Teeth

A parent should care for an infant’s teeth and gums each time the child consumes milk or food. The best way to remove food debris from an infant’s mouth is with a soft cloth instead of a toothbrush. Hold the child in your lap during this process to make the infant more comfortable.

Two: Items required for a Toddler’s Teeth

Toddlers want to learn how to brush their teeth but require specialized tools suitable for their size. Take your toddler to the store to help them select these items:

• A soft, small toothbrush with a favorite cartoon character
• Mild-flavored toothpaste that does not contain fluoride
• Soft dental picks for parents to use on a child’s teeth

Three: What Older Children Need for Dental Care

Older children still require a smaller toothbrush than an adult does and can use traditional dental floss strands. A parent should have a children’s dentist make a customized mouth guard to protect the teeth and gums during sport activities. Call a local dentist office today to schedule your child’s examination.



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