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Signs to visit a dentist

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While many people schedule regular visits with their dentist for proper oral and dental health, may others do not, which leads to many dental ailments getting undetected and not making an appearance until it’s too late. But even before it is too late, there are some signs through which the mouth tries to convey to us that it is time to get your teeth and gums checked by the dentist and get treatment if there are any problems. We discuss about the signs which mean a dentist visit is due.

Sore gums –

Sore gums are one of the first warning signs of an impending tooth problem, and if you have sore gums you need to visit a dentist immediately so that the bigger oral ailment is detected in advance and treatment for the ailment can be started. Swollen gums also mean that the person is suffering from gingivitis, which, if left untreated can lead to the more serious periodontitis which can lead to receding gum lines even painful jaws and tooth loss.

Bad Breath –

Bad breath or halitosis is a problem with a majority of people, and it is usually a sign of some big dental problem occurring in your mouth. While halitosis occurring on isolated incidents is a sign of dehydration and can be get rid of easily with proper water consumption, regularly occurring bad breath is a sign of concern and needs immediate attention by a dental professional.

Wisdom Teeth Pain –

People generally ignore the pain caused due to their wisdom teeth, but these pains require immediate dental attention as it means that the wisdom teeth is unable to emerge out in a proper manner due to lack of space and it would need to be removed. If the teeth is not removed it may cause significant damage to the adjacent teeth and the jawbone and can lead to exposed tissues which in turn can become a breeding ground for pathogens and germs. Improper growth of wisdom teeth can also lead to misaligned teeth.

Tooth Pain –

A hurting tooth is always a sign of some dental problem, which can be anything from an infection to an injury or even cavities. In this case, a visit to the dentist is a must, as the dentist can determine the root cause of the pain and can start the treatment to get rid of it. Tooth pains are of different kinds, from being a continuous numbing pain, to a pain which happens from time to time, to a pain which is caused due to the consumption of food. Leaving tooth pain untreated can lead to serious complications, with the infection spreading to other parts of the body through the blood stream.

In any case, you should schedule proper visits to the dentists at fixed times to ensure the detection and treatment of dental diseases at an early stage. The dentists at Gaston Dental Associates are well equipped to deal with any and every dental problem using their state of the art treatment methods and their skilled team.

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