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Preparing Your Children for Their First Dental Appointments

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Whether your children’s friends scared them about the dentist or they saw a graphic image depicted on television, you’re encountering a great deal of resistance in your bid to take them to the Gastonia pediatric dentist. Instead of allowing a negative situation to continue and develop, ease them into the process. Assure them that kids dental hygiene is both safe and important.

Meet the Dentist
Your kids might think of the dentist as some frightening individual. Finding out if your Gastonia pediatric dentist will conduct preliminary meetings with your family is a good idea. Even if that is impossible, let your kids know that they are just going for a simple procedure for the first time. Chances are that they are having their teeth examined and cleaned. Let your children know that they clean their teeth at home all of the time and that this appointment is just for a better cleaning.

Read Appropriate Books
While you will find some spooky scenes of dentists in the media, you can turn your attention toward books to alleviate some of your children’s fears. At the local library, ask the staff if books are available to help kids feel less frightened when they go to the dentist. These stories can show them what appointments are like in ways that are simple and gentle for children to digest.

Stay with Them
If your kids are older, you might want to drop them off at the dentist while you take care of other errands or responsibilities. Leaving them alone, especially for their first appointment, can just aggravate the anxiety that they already feel. Stay with them throughout the appointment. If your older children are insistent going to the examination room by themselves, consider allowing them to do so. However, you should still stay nearby so that you can hear them if they grow concerned. During your time in the waiting room, try to distract them from the appointment; ask them about other topics relevant to their lives so that they are not just building up more anxiety.

Bringing your kids to the dentist is a necessary task, but it can also cause significant stress for both of you. When you are ready to ease your kids into this important practice, give our offices a call.




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