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How Your Bite Changes with Untreated Cavities

By : on : September 1, 2017 comments : (0)

Cavities are a problem and untreated cavities are an even bigger issue that can quickly escalate given some time. The professionals here at Gaston Dental Associates know all too well that when cavities are not treated in time, they can turn into bigger problems for the patient. Your bite can change, your mouth can become infected and pain generally follows when the tooth is not taken care of. Knowing more information about untreated cavities can help many choose their dentist over suffering with the cavity.

Treating Those Untreated Cavities

It is always important to seek out dental help when there is an issue with the tooth. Whether or not it is a cavity, it is important to have the professional take a look to find out. If it is, an untreated cavity can do a lot of damage to the person’s mouth. Besides for causing pain, it can become extremely infected and may require a root canal.

With time, a cavity can change the way a person bites. They may eat on the other side of the mouth and the tooth may change the way the jaw moves. It can give the person a cross bite, removing the pressure from the one side and moving it to the other with time. This condition would need a different treatment approach.

Speak with a Qualified Dentist Right Away

It is important to speak with a dentist right away regarding untreated cavities. You don’t want to let the issue become bigger than it is.

The professionals here at Gaston Dental Associates know how important your tooth health is and want to make sure that you treat all of your cavities. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and speak about the cavities that you may have. It’s the best course of action for your dental health.



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