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How a Cracked Tooth Can Lead to Infection

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Having a cracked tooth can not only be painful, but it might make your confidence lower than what you’d like it to be. This can be a problem. You don’t want to worry about a cracked tooth for various reasons, including the fact that it can lead to infection. This is why speaking with a top dentist in Gastonia, NC can provide you with more insight on the fixes that you might have for your problem. Don’t let that cracked tooth keep you down.


A Cracked Tooth Can Be Dangerous and Lead to Infection

When it comes to a cracked tooth, having it taken care of sooner, rather than later is a good thing. When you leave the crack in the tooth open, this leaves is susceptible to bacteria. When bacteria gets into the tooth, this causes a host of other problems.

When an infection occurs in the mouth, the tooth has to be treated with antibiotics, then it has to be taken care of. Sometimes the tooth is able to be restored through the use of a root canal. Other times, the tooth might have to be taken out.

Whatever the method of action is for you, it is important that you always work with a professional dentist. They can ensure that the infection is taken care of, but also that you can try to save the tooth in the end.


Our Professional Dentists

Speak with us here at Gaston Dental Associates in Gastonia, NC to find out how we are able to provide you with the best course of treatment for that cracked tooth. Don’t let it become an infection. Our professionals have years of experience and know how to combat a cracked tooth, giving our patients the confidence they need again. Call us today to learn more!



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