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Gastonia Family Dentists Offer Steps to Floss the Correct Way

By : on : January 9, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on Gastonia Family Dentists Offer Steps to Floss the Correct Way)

Many patients floss their teeth daily, but they do not know how to floss their teeth the correct way. You are putting yourself at risk for cavities, gum disease and many other problems if you are not flossing the right way. Fortunately, our Gastonia family dentist can show you how to floss the correct way. Below are some essential dental hygiene tips:

Use the Right Amount of Floss

Most people who want to know how to floss teeth the correct way do not use enough floss. Dental hygienists typically use between 18 and 20 inches of floss. That may seem like a lot of floss, but it is necessary for getting the job done the right way.

Slide Your Floss between Each Tooth

When you are flossing, you should gently slide a piece of floss between each tooth. Our Gastonia family dentists recommend that you start in the same place, so you do not miss any places. Use a zig-zag motion when you are flossing your teeth.

Get between Your Gums and Teeth

Sliding the floss in between your teeth is not good enough. You have to hit the gum line when you are flossing. You can still develop tooth decay if you do not get the particles that get trapped in between those crevices.

Do Not Use the Same Part of the Floss More Than Once

This is one of the most important dental hygiene tips. You collect bacteria and food particles every time that you floss. That is why if you use the same part of the floss, then you will be distributing the food particles and bacteria into another part of your mouth. One of the reasons dentists recommend using 18 to 20 inches of dental floss is because you need to use a new portion of the floss every time that you move to another spot in your mouth.


After you have finished flossing your teeth, you will need to rinse your mouth out with water. This will help remove any loose particles that may have been left behind. It will also prevent these particles from getting stuck in between your teeth.



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