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3 Ways to Help Alleviate Your Child’s Dental Anxiety from Our Gastonia Pediatric Dentists

By : on : August 23, 2016 comments : (0)

It is no secret that the dentist’s office can be quite intimidating for many Americans. This is especially true for children as many are exposed to ...

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Taking the Scary Out of the Dentist Office for Children

By : on : August 11, 2015 comments : (0)

Going to the dentist office can be one of the scariest things for children. Even adults get scared to go and they are grown! However, dental hygiene i...

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Is Your Child Afraid of the Dentist?

By : on : July 20, 2015 comments : (0)

Is the sound of a drill enough to make your child flinch or cringe? Does he or she worry about the twice-yearly dental checkup at our dental offices? ...

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