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3 Ways to Help Alleviate Your Child’s Dental Anxiety from Our Gastonia Pediatric Dentists

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It is no secret that the dentist’s office can be quite intimidating for many Americans. This is especially true for children as many are exposed to the stigma of dental care at an early age. Gastonia dentists are very enthusiastic about improving dental health in children, however, sometimes they aren’t so enthusiastic about dentist visits. A child’s experience at the dentist office can greatly impact their outlook on oral health, so it is very important to dentists that children are able to visit them comfortably. Parents can definitely help ease children’s dental anxiety in the following three ways:

Choose an office that will best serve the needs of your child.
To help curve your child’s dental anxiety, be careful to select the office you feel is best for your child. There are numerous Gastonia dentists in town, however, only one can be the best fit for your kid’s needs. Look for offices that are child-friendly and have staff members that will make you and your child feel at home.

Take a field trip to your dentist’s office.
If your child is anticipating his or her first dental appointment, consider thinking about stopping by the office with your child some time before the actual appointment. Talk to your dentist to see if your child can meet him/her first hand prior to the appointment. This can help your child become more acquainted with the office and understand that dentists aren’t as scary as they may be portrayed to be by their friends or their favorite TV show. Scheduling a short office tour for will establish a basis of familiarity and diminish your children’s dental anxiety before their appointments.

Use the resources around you to create educational moments.
There are plenty of resources that can help you ease your child of his/her worries about going to the dentist. Visit your local library to see if there are children’s books available that talk about dental appointments. Finding children’s stories that explain to your child the details of a regular dentist visit will allow for you to open up discussion with your child and answer their questions. In addition to story books, YouTube may be a valuable source for you and your child as well.

Following these steps will help direct your child’s outlook on the dentist’s office onto a more positive track. Please contact our dentist office today to discuss your child’s next appointment!



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