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3 Ways to Help Alleviate Your Child’s Dental Anxiety from Our Gastonia Pediatric Dentists

It is no secret that the dentist’s office can be quite intimidating for many Americans. This is especially true for children as many are exposed to the stigma of dental care at an early age. Gastonia dentists are very enthusiastic about improving dental health in children, however, sometimes they aren’t so enthusiastic about dentist visits. A child’s experience at the dentist office can greatly impact their outlook on oral health, so it is very important to dentists that children are able to visit them comfortably. Parents can definitely help ease children’s dental anxiety in the following...

Taking the Scary Out of the Dentist Office for Children

Going to the dentist office can be one of the scariest things for children. Even adults get scared to go and they are grown! However, dental hygiene is a crucial key to good health, not just having a healthy mouth. A few tips to take the fear out of going to the dentist office will be to find a local dentist office, locate a children’s dentist, visit the office ahead of time and one that has excellent reviews for dental hygiene bedside manners. Location First of all, make the drive as short as possible. The child will be riding in the car anticipating the upcoming experience. The key here...

Is Your Child Afraid of the Dentist?

Is the sound of a drill enough to make your child flinch or cringe? Does he or she worry about the twice-yearly dental checkup at our dental offices? Trust us when we say your child is not alone! To help eliminate that distress, our team put together five steps to help your child overcome his or her dental anxiety when visiting our dental offices. Ask your child what they’remost afraid of. Is it the sound of the drill? Do you have needle phobia? Has your child been traumatized by previous dental visits? Have children write down their fears, one by one, and talk about them. Don’t wait. The...