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Can You Do Anything to Prevent Sensitive Teeth?

There isn’t really anything you can do to prevent sensitive teeth besides having great oral hygiene. Having sensitive teeth is a very common dental issue that needs to be addressed before it gets worse. Here at Gaston Dental Associates, we are one of the best dental offices that’s located in Gastonia, North Carolina and in this article, we are going to be discussing what you can do to try to prevent sensitive teeth. How to Prevent Sensitive Teeth To prevent sensitive teeth, we need to get a good understanding of how and why it hurts. Having sensitive teeth is painful when it comes. It’s usually...

How Your Jaw Can Hurt from Misaligned Teeth

Having misaligned teeth can give rise to a number of problems. For example, you may end up with excessive wear and tear due to the large number of places where the teeth come down unevenly. In addition to excessive wear, you may experience minor fracturing, chipping, or cracking. In extreme cases, you could even break a tooth. As problematic as these sound, they are not the only issues that can arise from misaligned teeth. Depending on the way the teeth line up, they could also end up giving you problems with your jaw. At Gaston Dental Associates, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of...

Gastonia Pediatric Dentist Explains How to Keep Baby’s Teeth & Gums Healthy

After months of seeing your little one without teeth, it is a joyous feeling to see one emerge. When your baby’s first tooth appears, it is only a short time before he or she has a mouth full of teeth. Although babies have small teeth, it is still vital to keep them clean. Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth. If your baby does not have a healthy set of baby teeth, then it could have an impact on how clearly he or she will learn to speak, Your baby can also have problems chewing if he or she does not have a healthy set of teeth. Here are some helpful dental tips for babies teeth: Before...

5 Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Your Kids Oral Hygiene

It is important to start your kids on proper nutrition and good dental hygiene tips immediately their first milk teeth start growing. It is the parents’ responsibility to develop effective oral hygiene routines for their kids to help protect their teeth from decay and other oral problems. Below are five simple tips to follow. Regular Dental Checkups It is important to visit your Gastonia pediatric dentist as soon as possible to allow your child get acclimatized with the dentist. Early checkups can prevent future oral problems and improve hygiene immensely. Make sure to make the trip fun to prevent...

When are Best Times to Visit the Dentist?

Although going to the dentist as children often inspires fear in individuals, at least they do not have to figure out when to go. As kids transmute into adults trying to find their way in the world, they also must know when to go to the local dentist office. If you’re in this quandary, understand that circumstances do vary from person to person. Your Regular Cleanings The main reason that most people go to the general dentist is to get a teeth cleaning. The next time that you go to the dental office, you’ll likely see plenty of other individuals who are there for such a purpose. Getting...

The Holidays are for Smiling and Eating, So Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the season of holiday feasts. With all of the meats, side dishes and deserts lined up to devour, it is especially important to consider your dental hygiene during this season. Many people prolonged dentist appointments during the majority of the year. The complication arises when there is a lingering or developing concern that is not attended to and it develops into a painful dilemma. If this is you, identifying and correcting these issues is best when done before the holidays begin, not afterwards. Thanksgiving is traditionally the time when most people enjoy the...