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Ways of Preventing Cavities Down the Line

There are many things that we all can do to help prevent cavities in our teeth. The most important things we need to do include brushing at least two times per day, flossing at least once per day really well, and coming in to see us here at Gaston Dental Associates every six months. Beyond those normal parts of your routine, it is also important that you know how to keep your teeth healthy on a deeper level. Here are some things we can help you with so that your teeth stay healthy and free of cavities. Sealing Your Teeth Can Really Help Getting dental sealants allows your teeth to get a protective...

Dental Sealants – An Effective Line of Defense Against Tooth Decay

Dental sealants are a thin material comprised of plastic that is typically applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to act as a barrier and prevent decay by forming a protective layer over the enamel of each tooth. The sealants are often place on the premolars and molars as they are the teeth most prone to decay. Sealants work by protecting the areas of these teeth from decay that can be caused by plaque and food particles that target a tooth’s depressions and grooves. While thorough brushing twice a day and flossing daily can help maintain the health of premolars and molars, it...

Why Dental Sealants Are Recommended For Those Under 16

Dental sealants are being used more aggressively as a necessary part of preventative dentistry. Most cavities are caused by deep pits and fissures, which can affect not only adults but also children. Because the younger generation is the ones most often affected by overwhelming decay, dental sealants are advised for those under 16. What Are Pits and Fissures? The tooth’s enamel softens over time by the foods that are eaten. Acidic foods can wear down the enamel. Worn enamel forms pits. When food and bacteria become trapped into these pits, a cavity will form. A toothbrush can’t always...

Specialized Care for Children at Our Pediatric Dentistry Practice

A children’s dentist can offer specialized care for infants, toddlers and adolescents. There are good reasons to take your child to a pediatric facility instead of a general dentist. Dental facilities that cater to children have specialty equipment such as smaller tools and chairs that make undergoing examinations and treatments more comfortable. Protect Teeth with Dental Sealants A local dentist office may have a children’s dentist on its staff to provide treatments that help to prevent tooth decay. A type of treatment that some experts recommend for children’s teeth is an application...

Dental Sealants Help with Preventing Tooth Issues in Children

A dental sealant refers to a thin plastic coating that is painted on your teeth’s chewing surfaces (molars and premolars). Dental sealants prevent you from getting tooth decay. A tooth sealant bonds into the grooves and depressions of your teeth and forms a protective layer over each tooth. Regularly flossing and brushing of teeth gets rid of plaque and food particles on the surface of your teeth. However, these measures are not guaranteed to remove all the particles or plaque in the depths of your back teeth. Sealants are a form of preventative dentistry aimed at protecting the vulnerable...