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What Age Are Dental Implants Realistic?

Have you been considering getting dental implants? If so, then it is important you know as much as you can about them first. They are great at helping you with filling in gaps where natural teeth used to be. However, they are not for everyone. People need to have a healthy mouth before they can get the procedure. Plus, they cannot smoke just before the surgery, or during the healing process. On top of that, people need to have a mature mouth before they can get dental implants. Getting them too young could pose problems down the line, and is not recommended. The Right Age for Dental Implants You...

Need Dental Implants?

A dental implant is essentially a metal tooth root that’s anchored into the jaw bone. It becomes the base for fitting the tooth/ bridge. While bridges are also used to fill in gaps created by missing teeth; implants are different in that they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for support. In addition, they are stable and permanent. Implants are the best solution for tooth loss and they also feel and look like natural teeth. Dental implants – the procedure The titanium root is implanted in the bone It is given time to bond with the bone Once the area has completely healed, the prosthetic tooth...