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The Point of Getting Baby Dental Crowns

You lose your baby teeth when you are still quite young. Given that you won’t keep them for too long, why would you bother getting baby dental crowns? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just wait for the tooth to fall out and let a new one grow in? Here at Gaston Dental Associates, we care about your dental health. And we want you to understand why it is that we make the suggestions we do. With this in mind, here is why you would want to get baby dental crowns put on your child’s teeth. The Baby Teeth Affect the Adult Teeth The baby teeth guide the spacing and placement of the adult teeth. Thus,...

Benefits of Getting Invisalign

When you are considering your options with regard to orthodontic corrective treatment, it’s best to look at all the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Everyone knows that Invisalign aligner trays are clear and thus can be worn without dealing with the appearance of traditional braces. However, many people don’t realize just how convenient Invisalign is. If you are thinking of getting Invisalign, here are some benefits you may not have considered. Convenience The Invisalign system uses aligner trays that are removable. This means you can take them out before enjoying a certain food or drink...

How to Help Your Child Enjoy the Dentist

Gaston Dental Associates gives tips on how to help your child enjoy the dentist. Not only are children some of the biggest patient ages that come into the office, but they’re also the ones that are the most scared. Due to this, patience can go a long way from the dental staff. Learn ways to help your child enjoy the dentist a bit more and help them reduce any anxiety they feel about visiting.   Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy the Dentist There are many tips out there to help your child enjoy the dentist. However, the biggest one is being able to choose the right dentist. You want to work with...

Making Brushing Fun for Kids Starts with the Parents

Gaston Dental Associates knows how important it is making brushing fun. When it comes to providing tips and tricks, the office can provide them to parents wondering more. They also know that great oral health comes from the parents and the home. This is something that they have to help the children with and instill in their minds about the best dental health that they can have.   Tips for Making Brushing Fun When it comes to making brushing fun, there are many ways that you can do this. One of the best ways is to put on music and brush for that time. Another one is offering rewards for doing...

Ways of Preventing Cavities Down the Line

There are many things that we all can do to help prevent cavities in our teeth. The most important things we need to do include brushing at least two times per day, flossing at least once per day really well, and coming in to see us here at Gaston Dental Associates every six months. Beyond those normal parts of your routine, it is also important that you know how to keep your teeth healthy on a deeper level. Here are some things we can help you with so that your teeth stay healthy and free of cavities. Sealing Your Teeth Can Really Help Getting dental sealants allows your teeth to get a protective...

What Age Are Dental Implants Realistic?

Have you been considering getting dental implants? If so, then it is important you know as much as you can about them first. They are great at helping you with filling in gaps where natural teeth used to be. However, they are not for everyone. People need to have a healthy mouth before they can get the procedure. Plus, they cannot smoke just before the surgery, or during the healing process. On top of that, people need to have a mature mouth before they can get dental implants. Getting them too young could pose problems down the line, and is not recommended. The Right Age for Dental Implants You...